We are a socially responsible grocer, provisioning the highest quality produce and pantry staples. Our focus is on showcasing “best of class” regional and global craft foods with an emphasis on small producers. We advocate for our community to learn about a better food system.

We know your farmer

Jupiter Foods logoJupiter Foods is the Petaluma source synonymous with high quality, nutritious food. A store where every single piece of produce is grown sustainably. Nowhere else can a shopper find every item necessary to create each amazing meal. Our extensive connections to the food industry allow our buyers to be on the leading edge of sourcing. We provide our shoppers with more than what they thought possible.

Clearly displaying the pricing and farm where it was grown, illustrates the transparency of our sourcing and builds customer confidence no other grocer has. Our produce, our highly curated pantry, dairy, and snack selections, and conversations around how to prepare amazing meals provide incomparable value to our shoppers.

Partnering with other downtown food related businesses, our approach to marketing is community based and inclusive of anyone interested in the food movement. Demonstrations play an important role in the Petaluma food scene and are part of our upcoming continuing education series for all our customers. Our upcoming “meet the farmer” series will allow folks to make direct contact with those hard-working vendors of Jupiter Foods to make connections deeply rooted in community fulfillment.


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