Finding Inspiration for Dinner

Early autumn seasonal eating
When I’m trying to decide my dinner meal plan, I’m often utilizing many different approaches. Rarely I will use a “recipe” where I need to assemble several ingredients and find a bunch of panty items or produce I won’t use for something else. Then there is the grocery store approach, where too many time I begin my journey at the meat counter. For me, this last method is usually the most costly and the least imaginative. Mostly I first peruse my garden, I find what needs to be harvested and build a meal or two around that bounty. Tonight, I had a quince, a great big quince. I wanted to make a savory dish using quince because they are just so interesting and smell terrific. I sautéed a yellow onion and three sweet peppers with two hot peppers in some ghee. Once this mixture got moving I added a tablespoon of celery seed and some cinnamon to a bare spot in the pan to get them toasty. When the vegetables began to start turning translucent I added the whole cut up quince and lowered the heat to sweat the remaining 20-30 minutes until the quince were soft. To finish, add a 1/2 cup of dried cranberries and a drink of broth. Meanwhile prepare rice and pan sear some lamb loin chops with garlic and rosemary. I used kombucha to deglaze the pan and a little pour of maple syrup and a pat of butter.

Quince melding with onions and peppers

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