From Our Early Days

When we began visioning Jupiter Foods, we saw a void in our food supply system where many nearby farmers’ products were absent from our stores. We had the ability to drive from farm stand to farm stand in hopes to assemble enough produce for our needs but simply put, we couldn’t buy the stuff that was being grown here. We were also adamant that the community would be served on a level much deeper than being seen as “shoppers”. We wanted to create and hold space for conversations. Conversations about family, food, and our relationships with one another where ideas and collaboration should occur.

Some folks see apples and believe the only difference is red, green and yellow. What I wanted to buy were Sierra Beauty, Mutsu or Goldrush. The same is true with so many commercially commoditized products. Potatoes, lettuce, and citrus are some examples of what Jupiter Foods is bringing to Petaluma where other markets fall short. In the short time we have been popped up, we have had a rainbow of varieties of all of these main categories and many others. Three types of butternut squash, seven kinds of broccoli, ten lettuces. The season dictates to us rather than us trying to dictate what product we want outside of season. We try to help you with inspiration by talking and writing about the foods we sell.

Since we are a pop-up produce stand, we have the unusual ability to surround the produce shopping experience with an outdoor venue. I see it again and again where friends meet up most often unplanned. The social distanced impromptu meetings are such a wonderful by product of this set up and enjoy introducing folks too. This is some sort of unplanned magic that makes my day, day after day.

The best compliment (and there have been many) I have been given was by a wonderful human who admitted that since we have been open, she has not gone to the grocery store once. A remarkable and heartfelt statement that we can provide her with sustenance body and soul.

One final thought, at the end of our second month, I am happy to report that dollars you have spent on this beautiful food have mostly gone into the pockets of the farmers we buy from. The profit margins on produce are low so the majority of our sales go right back to the farmers who grew it. Your participating in this type of food system distribution has the MOST impact on your community. Thank you for your continued support!