Jupiter Foods 2.0

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Photo by Lex Photography on Pexels.com

“What’s happening with Jupiter Foods?”, a frequent question I get while walking around Petaluma.

“Jupiter Foods is still alive and the heart is beating strong!”, generally my short answer and then elaborate on more of the details. We had the opportunity to terminate the lease and begin the process again.

I would like to report that a new space has been secured, but scouting and due diligence is still underway.

In early January we began the process of becoming an S-Corp in the state of California. Paperwork processed and filed we are now a corporation. What this allows is for us to offer shares of the company to investors. While the offering details are still getting sorted out with my attorney, we are making site visits in downtown Petaluma to find a new space to call home. Meanwhile, our contining relationships with our farmers is growing, making still more contacts and amazing sourcing opportunities.

Thank you to all of our supporters and cheerleaders who make this vision closer to a reality with every conversation! We look forward to the day our doors are open and the food system has this vital missing link.

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