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As we begin the process to offer online ordering (platform coming soon) we will rely on an availably list published three times a week and an offer for you to select from that list and email it to us. We can then pull your order together and send you an invoice. During our email exchange we will ask you when you would like to pick your order up, or we might be able to drop it on your doorstep. Please see the availability and send your list the contact below.

AppleArkansas Black $    4.49lb
AppleGoldrush $    4.49lb
AppleSeirra Beauty $    4.49lb
BasilGenovese $    2.99bu
BeetsMed/Lg with tops $    4.99bu
BeetsTouchstone- Yellow     $    3.49bu
BroccoliCrowns $    3.99lb
BroccoliShoots $    4.99lb
CabbagePrimo Vantage $    1.99lb
CauliflowerRomanesco $    4.99lb
ChardBright Lights/multicolored $    3.49bu
EggplantGlobe, White, Purple BABY $    7.99lb
EggplantNadia $    3.99lb
Eggplant-AsianMachiaw $    4.99lb
HerbsWinter Savory/Marjoram/Sage/Tarragon/Thyme $    2.99bu
KaleDino/Lacinato “Black Magic” $    2.99bu
Leek  $    4.99lb
LettuceRomaine $    7.99lb
Mild PepperPoblano Ancho Magnifico $    4.99lb
OnionsCortland $    3.99lb
PearD’Anjou $    4.99lb
PersimmonFuyu $    4.49lb
PotatoBaby Mix $    4.99lb
PotatoBodega Red $    3.99lb
PotatoGerman Butterball $    4.99lb
PotatoRusset $    6.99lb
PotatoYellow Finn $    6.99lb
Quince  $    1.99lb
RadishPink  $    3.99bu
ShallotsCamelot $    8.99lb
ShallotsConservor/Ambition $    8.99lb
StrawberriesAlbion $    4.99lb
Summer SquashMix $    4.99lb
TomatoBerkeley  Tie Dye $    5.99lb
TurnipTokyo $    4.99bu
Winter SquashButternut $    1.99lb
Winter SquashDelicata  $    2.49lb
Winter SquashSugar Pie Pumpkin $    2.49lb

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