Brie, Petite Mustard by Marin French Cheese Co.


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Petite Ash cheese is a Triple Crème Brie coated with a thin layer of vegetable ash that gets applied right before the cheese enters the aging room. This process allows the delicate white rind to form in the traditional French brie cheese style around the layer of ash. Once cut into, a dark line can be seen directly under the rind for a visually appealing contrast of color. Charred vegetable ash has been a traditional ingredient in cheese making for centuries, used to help preserve the cheese as well as add an extra level of earthy, sometimes blue tasting flavor and seal in moisture for an extra-gooey cheese. Part of the Petite Reserve Collection, Marin French Cheese Co.’s Petite Ash Brie has a rich depth of flavor and creamy texture that will have you looking to try all the ash cheese options in your next visit to a cheese shop.