Chicory, Treviso


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Treviso has a mild, bitter, and earthy flavor with subtly sweet undertones, suited for fresh or cooked preparations. The tender, crisp leaves can be used similarly to other chicory varieties and are commonly tossed into salads, displayed on appetizer plates as a dipping vessel, served with cheeses, and drizzled in honey with crushed nuts, or shredded and topped over avocado and egg toast. Treviso can also be incorporated into tapenades, the leaves slightly filled with sauces, spreads, or finely chopped vegetables, or used as a decorative, edible garnish. In addition to fresh preparations, Treviso is most famous for its mildly bitter flavor when grilled and drizzled in olive oil or balsamic. The leaves can also be braised, sauteed, blanched, or slow-cooked into vegetable side dishes, soups, curries, and stews, or they can be mixed into risotto, pasta, and other cream-based dishes. Treviso can also be stirred into vegetable slaws and roasted dishes, baked into quiche, used as a poultry stuffing, filled as an ed