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La Tur is a super creamy, soft Italian cheese made from a mix of cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk. This lesser-known cheese variety is from the Piedmont region in northern Italy and is typically sold in small, cupcake-sized wheels.
The easiest way to describe La Tur to a friend who doesn’t know much about cheese is to call it an earthier, funkier brie—with a hint of tang. Like brie at room temperature, it’s soft and ooey gooey. The soft, moist rind is completely edible and a delicious part of the cheese. Unlike your typical brie, it has a little more of that earthy, yeasty flavor, with a little tang from the goat’s milk. It’s full flavored without crossing over into pungent territory.

This cheese is made by a dairy called Caseificio dell’Alta Langa located in northern Italy’s Piedmont region; the specific area is called Alta Langa, which is known for its sparkling wines.