Mozzarella, Buffalo Milk by Ramini


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Just when you thought that mozzarella cheese was a taste from heaven, take it a step further and experience Buffalo mozzarella. The Great White Whale of American creation of cheese. There is nothing more foreign than the authenticity and delicacy of creating what originates in Italy, the one ingredient of buffalo milk.Made in the United States, we still cannot reach the purest creation of such an addition to our cuisines.

To understand the quest of authenticity to Italian cuisine, fresh mozzarella di bufala is a process that a purchase cannot wrap up in one order. This cheese is made exclusively by the buffalo, not quite like mozzarella because it has almost twice the fat of cows milk which creates its texture and taste creamy and full of flavor. Consider this version of cheese as the royal choice of taste that cannot be duplicated by any other means.