Panettone, Fig & Chocolate By Rustichella


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Panettone is a traditional brioche stuffed with raisins, candied fruit and citrus zest. This is the most traditional Italian cakes.

This variation sees the raisins, candied fruit and citrus zest replaced by cherries.

It is in Milan, towards the end of the fifteenth century, that it was invented before being adopted throughout Italy. The legend says that a young aristocrat, who was enamored of the daughter of a baker named Toni, pretended to be an apprentice baker and invented a bread delicacy unusual to impress the father of her well-loved. Its creation was so successful that people flocked to the bakery to buy the magnificent Pan de Toni.

In Milan, the business became accustomed to offer to their customers panettone for Christmas. Indeed, the panettone was long considered a luxury reserved for a small elite because its preparation was not easy.

The panettone is enjoyed by a thousand and one ways: sliced ​​thick or thin. It is particularly popular for breakfast but will delight all at the end of meals.