Panettone Grand Fruit By Filippi


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The special Panettone Granfrutta is an explosion of bright colors, tantalizing aromas, and fruity flavors. Succulent, velvety pieces of slowly candied fruits are studded throughout this particularly soft, light panettone: Sicilian lemons and blood oranges, Piedmontese apricots, and juicy, whole black cherries.

Pasticceria Filippi’s panettone dough starts with the family’s yeast starter which has been nurtured and lovingly cared for for over 40 years. Free-range eggs, fresh whole milk, cane sugar, Italian honey, and other genuine ingredients are added to the dough. After resting and rising for 24 hours, the dough is baked to perfection. Once removed from the oven, the panettoni are skewered and flipped over racks to cool off upside down in order to retain their dome-like shape.

Enjoy with a glass of crisp bubbly!