Pretzel, Light Special by Uncle Jerry’s


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Made by hand in Lancaster County, Uncle Jerry’s Pretzels have a completely different taste than pretzels twisted by machines. Hand made pretzels have a lighter texture and crisper crunch to them, because the dough is rolled and kneaded as opposed to being extruded under high heat and intense pressure from gigantic machines. Using a sourdough starter, Uncle Jerry’s pretzels are fat, crunchy and full of salt. While we have no hesitation in recommending these pretzels, it is important to understand that the same qualities that make them delicious also make them more fragile. So if you have them shipped, expect them to arrive broken. But as no one, outside of my family, can eat a whole Uncle Jerry’s pretzel in one bite, it shouldn’t matter. Try them with Betsy Lantz or Cherchie’s dipping mustard.