Salt, Sel Gris by Gilles Hervy


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The sea salts of Guérande in Brittany, France, have been celebrated for their fine flavor since salt harvesting began in its marshes more than 1,200 years ago. This superb sel gris, from artisan producer Gilles Hervy, is an unprocessed, large-crystal salt hand-harvested in the autumn. It gets its namesake color and mineral content from the clay lining the salt ponds. Gilles Hervy is a man of integrity, who refuses to partner with a local cooperative that occasionally supplements its stock with Portuguese salt yet continues to use the label “Fleur de Sel de Guérande.” We want to do everything we can to support a real artisan who is continuing this long, hard, labor-intensive tradition. How to Use Gilles Hervy Sel Gris is perfect for steak, barbecue, roast chicken, and as a finish to rustic vegetable dishes. Ingredients: grey salt from Guérande