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We Love Jam has been making this highly addictive sauce/dip and tinkering with the recipe since 1999. Not just for bbqs, this can be used instead of ketchup and as a general sauce/dip for any kind of meat or vegetables. Use it in sandwiches, as a dip for fries and roasted potatoes, on burgers and hot dogs. You can even make meat loaf with it. If you are vegetarian, it is perfect seasoning for a wide variety of dishes.
Not too spicy, but not too mild. It is a perfect combination of spices, heat, sweetness and tang. The complex, addictive flavor is due to our use of more than seven types of chilies and peppers, and many, many spices.
This bbq sauce is gluten free and contains organic California grown GMO-free tomatoes, processed by Neil Jones in Hollister, California.
Ingredients: organic tomatoes, brown cane sugar, organic vinegar, mustard, organic wheat-free soy sauce, spices, garlic, salt.