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Savoy spinach has an earthy, mineral-forward flavor and chewy texture well suited for fresh and cooked preparations. It is important to note that the wrinkled nature of Savoy spinach leaves can house dirt and sand and should be washed thoroughly. The best way to clean the leaves is to swish underwater to remove any lingering debris. Once washed, Savoy spinach can be added to salads, layered into sandwiches, or shredded into grain bowls, tacos, or rice dishes. Younger Savoy leaves are preferred for raw preparations as they have a sweeter and more delicate, crisp texture. Savoy spinach is most popularly incorporated into cooked preparations as the thicker leaves withstand heat and develop a softer, silkier consistency when cooked. The greens can be sauteed in brown butter, gently wilted, and used as a bed of greens for seafood, stirred into soups and curries, or added at the end of stir-fries. Savoy spinach can also be incorporated into frittatas, quiches, omelets, or eggs benedict, cooked into souffles, blanch