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Taste the truly delightful flavors of figs and oranges in this jar of Sofi Gold award-winning Dalmatia Fig Orange Spread, combining the rich sweet and fruity flavors of figs with citrusy orange flavors sourced from the pristine Mediterranean regions. This spread is beautifully sealed and presented in a jar filled with an organic spread made with hand-squeezed orange juice added to a simmering kettle of delight holly sweet figs. Dalmatia sweet spreads pair well with Brie on crostini and pair with all cheese varieties, baked goods, and antipasto plates!
Dalmatia is a natural Sweet Spreads brand from Croatia, focusing on maintaining and encouraging local farming in Croatia to support the local communities. Inspired by the love for their land, Dalmatia uses first-class Mediterranean fruits, vegetables, and domestic olive oils free from any damage to ensure the best quality fresh spreads. This Croatian brand uses fruits procured from Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and other Mediterranean regions to provide the spread