Sugar, Brown by Murakami Syouten


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Okinawan brown sugar is prized in Japanese cooking for its deep & intense flavor. Only eight islands in the archipelago produce what can be called Okinawan brown sugar, and each sugar is different. The difference lies primarily in the terroir of each island. Coral islands impart a different flavor from other types of islands. It is the most highly prized of the Okinawan sugars and we can see why. On the tongue it tastes of brown sugar with earthy mineral tones and savoriness. The fragrance is deep with hints of tobacco. Not only can you use this amazing sugar in your favorite desserts, but it is a great addition to many savory dishes such as braises, broths, etc.

Note: due to this sugar being much less processed than regular white sugar, it is full of texture and is not fully granulated.

Ingredients: sugar

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Great for sweet and savory applications
500g plastic bag
From Hateruma Island, Okinawa, Japan