Vinegar, Sweet con Vino de Pedro Ximenez


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Pedro Ximénez Dry and Sweet Vinegars from Spain are a step above ordinary sherry-style vinegar. It all begins with Alvear’s award-winning dry and sweet wines of Montilla. These are made exclusively with the Pedro Ximénez grape, giving the wine—and thus the vinegars—tremendous depth of flavor. Then, the special flor (yeast) of the Alvear cellars plus careful solera barrel aging develop the wine into elegant, versatile sweet and dry vinegars.

How to Use
Drizzle the Sweet vinegar over a salad of blue cheese and figs, add to a marinade for roast chicken, spritz over grilled vegetables or add to the poaching liquid for pears. See how to use the Dry Vinegar.

Why We Like It
This is 100% Pedro Ximénez wine vinegar! It has been aged for 10 years using the exacting solera system, in which vinegars of varying ages are meticulously blended from one barrel to another in order to maintain consistently excellent quality and complexity of flavor. Special care in both winemaking and barrel aging makes for quality and flavo