Haiku Contest – Winners!

Our Haiku Contest winner — Ann Ingraham!

lightening bugs in jars
rainstorm, cracking of thunder
my mom’s hands paint thyme
Ann Ingraham

Ann’s Mother, – Artist and Inspiration for her winning Haiku


Runners up:

Small child’s hand in mine
Lindsay saw the falling leaves
“The leaves are leaving!”
Kathy Tresch

Delicate flower
Your love was a raging sea
And a summer breeze
Conner Tamblin

A late-spring blossom
I gather your old vases
And heed your wisdom
Conner Tamblin

Everyday Precious
Morning’s tender light
breaks across her upturned face.
We sit in quiet.
Pepper Hernandez

“You’re not going out
dressed like that again, are you?
Come here, girl,” she said.
Karen Brown

my mom said my ear
was a shell, it echoes love
mom’s warm hug, like waves
Ann Ingraham

This whole life became
Exercise in devotion
Love smoothing the edge
Nancy Hage

Mother is a verb
it’s not just what we do, but
who we are inside
Sharon Eisenhauer

I am the mother
ship, steering my family
through its deep ocean
Lynn King

Longing deep inside
To experience a dream
And create new life
Monica Volker

I wear your sweaters,
won’t listen to messages
you left on my phone
Ericka Lutz

cool hands untangle
rat’s nests in my long dark hair
hourslong yanks of love
Ericka Lutz

Her closets? Empty.
In the yard, brown trusting eyes –
deer wait for apples.
Ericka Lutz